Yeah, I’m still here.

For what it’s worth, I’m a member of Friends of the ABC and their newsletter contained some information I’d like to share with you (I’m sure they won’t mind).

There’s been a bit of fuss about Maxine McKew’s move into politics, which is being spun as demonstrating that the ABC leans to the left. As a counterbalance, here’s a short list of (one time) ABC employees who have been associated with the Coalition:

  • Pru Goward – need I say more?
  • Gary Hardgrave – was a minister in the Howard Government, is a former ABC television journalist.
  • Peter Collins – led NSW Liberal Party for a few years, is a former ABC television journalist.
  • Jim Bonner – after leaving the staff of Malcolm Fraser he held senior editorial positions with ABC radio and television in Canberra and Adelaide. He later became Director of the Liberal Party in South Australia.
  • Peter McArthur – former current affairs reporter and newsreader for the ABC served several years in the Victorian Parliament as a Liberal member.
  • Cathy Job – a current affairs presenter for ABC radio in Brisbane, resigned to become a media adviser to David Kemp.
  • Vicki Thompson – senior political reporter for ABC radio in Adelaide became Chief of Staff for John Olsen, Liberal Premier of South Australia.
  • Eoin Cameron – former Liberal member for the seat of Stirling presents the breakfast program on ABC local radio in Perth (a gig he had before he entered parliament as well)
  • Cameron Thompson – Liberal member for Blair is a former radio journalist with the ABC in Queensland and the Northern Territory
  • Rob Messenger – National Party member for Burnett was an ABC broadcaster in Bundaberg.

There are more on the list (supplied by Darce Cassidy) but these are the most recent examples of the ABC as a hotbed of the right.